Larry J Foster, Master Photographer

Larry J Foster | 405.321.1972 | PO Box 751 | 220 W Main St, Purcell, OK 73080
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Hi. I am Larry J Foster. I have been a professional photographer since 1987. This started in my house. About a year and half later, I started renting a small office space on North Flood Street for my photography office and had a small small photography studio. I would outgrow this space after a couple of years and would move the studio to West Main Street. That location would house my photography studio and my office for 13 years. I would decide to unload the burdens of retail rent, and in 2004 my family would move into a house on two acres in east Norman and I would move office into the house, doing most of my photography outside in the backyard. 2008 we would complete a photography studio and presentation office next to the house. In 2011 I would go through a life change and would relocate the studio to downtown Purcell.

Over the years I have done business under a variety of different names. It all started with Foster Photography. After adding video services, the name would become Foster Photography and Video. I would drop video services and specialized in wedding photography for several years and changed the name to Foster Wedding Photography. When we moved to the country and started doing more portraits, I changed the name to Foster Wedding Photography and Portrait Gardens. That name was too long and would eventually revert to Foster Photography. However, in this digital photography world, I didn't really feel like that captured everything I offered, so the next change was to Foster Photographic Arts. The whole "arts" thing just sounds better anyway. In 2009, Lance Harris and I would start doing architectural photography together under the name Harris and Foster Architectural Photography. Lance's participation in the project would decline and I would continue the architectural photography under my own name.