Real Estate Photography

For Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, the Wet Mountains, the Wet Mountain Valley and beyond

Selling homes in a competitive market is hard. You need need every tool available to make that sale.

You're in luck. Your tool box just got an upgrade.

Upgrade 1: Interactive 360 Walk Through

Prospective buyers want to see it all and they want to see it on their terms. Enter the Interactive 360 Walk Through. This gives the viewer the ability to look all the way around a room - up, down, left, right. Then they get to move to whatever room they want to see next.

Buyers want to know what the layout of the house is. I know. I've bought three houses in the last 8 years. Using this technology, the prospective buyer can "feel" what it is like to be in that space. They can understand how the rooms relate to each other.

A study by Zillow showed that web visitors spend 60% more time if you have one of these. That means they are spending more time looking at your listing and less time looking at the competition.

Want to take it for a spin? Click here

Upgrade 2: Drone photography

The house looks nice, but what is neighboorhood like? How does the house fit in with its surroundings? And what is the condition of the roof?

Yes, your prospective buyer is wondering all this in their mind. Give them everything they need to say "Yes"! Drone (or UAS as it is properly called) photography gives propectives and views that you just can't see from the ground.

Does the property have trees or access to forest? Is there several acres of land? You need an eye in the sky.

Upgrade 3: Magazine Showcase Photography

Before I moved to Colorado and retired from full time photography, I photographed buildings for some of the largest contractors and most prestigious architects in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas - GSB, Miller and Associates, AIP, Crafton Tull, Miles and Associates to name a few. This is where I honed my skill in architectural photography (and won several awards) working for some of the most demanding clients.

If you walked into this room and took a photo with your cell phone, this is probably what you would get:

This is what it should look like:

By the way, that is a combination of 11 different images to get that result. It doesn't happen by just walking into a room with an iphone. It takes years of experience and some specialized equipment to create an image of that quality.

The world is shopping online. (Can you say Amazon? Sure. I knew you could.)

Are you ready for your upgrade? Are you ready to sell more?